LEAdx 4.0

The LEAdx 4.0 series serves as a platform for fostering interaction between industry and academia, with the goal of instilling leadership qualities in postgraduate students.

Description: Through this initiative, students gained valuable exposure to real-world leadership perspectives and learned from the collective wisdom of experienced professionals. The series bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired in academic settings and the practical skills and insights required to succeed in leadership roles.

By bringing industry leaders and executives into the educational environment, the series provided students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, ask pertinent questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and strategies involved in effective leadership. This exposure not only enriched their learning experience but also equipped them with the necessary skills and mindset to navigate complex business environments and drive positive change.

Infrablaze 2023 Summit
Infrablaze 2023 Summit
Infrablaze 2023 Summit

Speakers for LEAdx 4.0

  1. Mr. Mehul Ved (AVP, Ernst & Young)
  2. Event Topic: Infrastructure Advisory and Funding Strategy

  3. Mr. Amit Mande (VP, Head Ground Business & Heavies, Blue Dart)
  4. Event Topic:Supply Chain and Logistics Challenges and Way Forward (Indian Scenario) and Digitization

  5. Mr. Mohit Khemka (Founder’s Office Strategy, Infra.Market)
  6. Event Topic:Structuring of PPP Projects

  7. Mr. Mani Bhushan (Chief Business Officer, eKart)
  8. Event Topic:Supply Chain Industry and Opportunities

  9. Mr. Mayank Kukreti (Senior Consultant and Expert – Supply Chain Operations, BCG)
  10. Event Topic:Emerging Trends in Building a Future Ready and Right-Fit Supply Chain

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